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Icon Siam

Icon Siam shopping center has been known as the “Mother of All Malls” in Bnagkok and it challenges the effectively amazing retail castles present in downtown Bangkok. With five hundred shops and one hundred eateries from in excess of thirty distinct nations, the size of Icon Siam is unparalleled in the Thai capital. Created by similar big shots behind Siam Paragon and Em Quartier, Icon Siam includes progressively cool and top of the line marks, an indoor gliding business sector custom-made to guests, a craftsmanship display, presentation space, and a lovely riverside area with perspectives on downtown Bangkok.

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Safari World

Safari World is a vacation destination in Bangkok, Thailand that comprises of two parks named Marine Park and Safari Park, worked by Safari World Public Limited. The recreation center was opened in nineteen eighty eight with a complete region of four hundred eighty sections of landĀ  for its open zoo and one hundred eighty sections of land for its feathered creature park. A noteworthy redesign to improve viability of land use started on Seventeen April 1989, and its absolute region created for the recreation park currently comprises of an open zoo and a marine park on five hundred rai of land.

Bangkok for kids, Family Places

Bangkok Zoo

Bangkok Zoo is very attractive place for kids and family.Bangkok is loaded up with spots where children can find out about creatures or see them at play. These days you can draw nearer than at any other time Care to jump with sharks, play with butterflies in their regular territory, fold a python over your neck or ride an oar vessel in a crocodile plagued lake. Every one of the rushes you can envision can be found at the main Zoo in Bangkok and a few creature parks. In spite of the fact that the vast majority of these spots are situated on the edges of Bangkok, every one of them are certainly justified regardless of multi day outing and assurance a fun outing for the entire family.

Bangkok for kids, Family Places

Boat Trip on the River

Boat tour and water sports are very famous in Bangkok and are an extraordinary method to get around the well known Riverside territory with its numerous verifiable attractions, sanctuaries and engineering, and furthermore to investigate the channels for a look at Bangkok from days of old. A few sorts of vessels keep running here and there the Chao Phraya River, associating with the neighborhood rural areas on the Thonburi side and along the stream, while ships can be utilized to cross the stream at different focuses. There are various kinds of vessels offering various administrations, and a portion of the express pontoons just stop at the primary wharfs.

Bangkok for kids, Family Places

Sealife Bangkok

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World famous Siam World is an aquarium in Bangkok, Thailand, the biggest in South East Asia. It covers around ten thousand square metersĀ  with several unique species in plain view in shows totaling around 5 Million liters. The Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World expects to give both diversion and training to guests. Through formal instructive projects, the aquarium plans to advance a gratefulness and comprehension of the seagoing condition in accordance with the formal Thailand educational program.

Bangkok for kids, Family Places

Dinosaur Park

Dinosaur Park is a theme park in Bangkok for kids and families. Dinosaur Planet Bangkok is an amusement park devoted to ancient mammoths, from the growling T rex to packs of Velociraptors. The event congregation is situated in the Phrom Phong region of Sukhumvit and highlights up to two hundred life size models of famous dinosaurs. It’s a serious reduced space with 2 or 3 displays and a focal Ferris wheel.

Bangkok for kids, Family Places

Snow Town

Snow town is a indoor game plan in Bangkok, Thailand. Snow town is very attractive place for families and kids in Bangkok. Snow town is an indoor themed town and play region with thirty to forty cm of counterfeit snow situated in Gateway Ekkamai shopping center. Inside the cooled lobby there is a Main Street with Japanese eateries, shops and a play area. There is additionally a humble slant with sleighs and skis for lease so you can reproduce the vibe of being high up in the mountains of Hokkaido.

Bangkok for kids, Family Places

Ice Skating

Ice Skating is one of the best and too activity for kids in Bangkok. A great youngsters action that is accessible in a few areas all through Bangkok is ice skating. Bangkok has a few extraordinary ice arenas – one even that is Olympic sized. In case you are somewhat unstable on skates, you can select to take an exercise or even utilize one of the penguin-formed stabilizers that help learners keep their parity. One uncommon spot in Bangkok where you can locate an indoor skating arena. It is essentially for children to get the hang of skating and there is a walker like skate to enable beginners to relentless themselves and avoid falls. There are decent sitting regions for guardians and watchmen to watch the children and their coaches.

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Chinatown is a popular place in Bangkok, Thailand. Chinatown in Bangkok is situated in perhaps the most seasoned piece of the city, however this isn’t the place the region originally began to develop. Initially it was on the opposite side of the waterway, in Thonburi, yet the network was approached to move in 1782 to clear a path for the development of the Grand Palace. All things considered, this didn’t prevent the Chinese people group from extending Chinatown, and it turned into the principle community for Chinese exchanging.


Yaowarat Road Krung Thep Maha Nakhon Bangkok, Thailand.
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Floating Market

The Floating markets in Bangkok are one of the nation’s greatest attractions. Albeit a significant number of the conduits have been supplanted by the street, their indisputable appeal makes them goals worth visiting. There are numerous and you can spend your vacation looking at these coasting markets in and around Bangkok on weekdays and ends of the week. The ones that are not situated in Bangkok are effectively open at all conceivable time. Ensure you don not miss them out while making your rundown of spots to visit in Thailand.